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Python program to create and display a doubly linked list

Python program to create and display a doubly linked list

In this program, you’ll be learning how to create and display a doubly linked list.

Doubly Linked List is a variation of the linked list. it’s a data structure that consists of a set of the sequential linked list which is tearmd as the node. (Two ends of the link list can also be called as a node).

And each node contains the 3 fields which are, two Link fields (as each node jas two ends) and one data field.

The first node of a list is called as head if a link list and end is called as the tail of the link list.

Program to create and display a doubly linked list.

class Node:    
    def __init__(self,data):    
        self.data = data;    
        self.previous = None;    
        self.next = None;    
class DoublyLinkedList:    
    def __init__(self):    
        self.head = None;    
        self.tail = None;    
    def addNode(self, data):    
        newNode = Node(data);    
        if(self.head == None):    
            self.head = self.tail = newNode;    
            self.head.previous = None;    
            self.tail.next = None;    
            self.tail.next = newNode;    
            newNode.previous = self.tail;    
            self.tail = newNode;    
            self.tail.next = None;    
    def display(self):    
        current = self.head;    
        if(self.head == None):    
            print("List is empty");    
        print("Nodes of doubly linked list: ");    
        while(current != None):     
            current = current.next;    
dList = DoublyLinkedList();    


Nodes of doubly linked list: 
1 2 3 4 5

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