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Java Program to Find Largest Element of an Array

Largest Element Array

In this Programme, you’ll learn Program to Find Largest Element Array in Java.

To nicely understand this example of to find Largest Element Array, you should have knowledge of  Java Program

Program to Find the largest element in an array in Java

public class Largest {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        double[] numArray = { 23.4, -34.5, 50.0, 33.5, 55.5, 43.7, 5.7, -66.5 };
        double largest = numArray[0];

        for (double num: numArray) {
            if(largest < num)
                largest = num;

        System.out.format("Largest element = %.2f", largest);

After Compiling the above code we get Output

Largest element = 55.50

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