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C++ Program to Find Quotient and Remainder

Find Quotient and Remainder

In this example, you will learn to find quotient and remainder of a given dividend and divisor.

Finding Quotient and Remainder are some of the basic Mathematical operations, Here we’ll learn how to implement it in Programming. In this program, to Find Quotient and Remainder, the user is asked to enter two integers (divisor and dividend) and computes the quotient and remainder.

To compute quotient and remainder, both divisor and dividend should be integers.

Program to Compute quotient and remainder

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
    int divisor, dividend, quotient, remainder;

    cout << "Enter dividend: "; cin >> dividend;

    cout << "Enter divisor: "; cin >> divisor;

    quotient = dividend / divisor;
    remainder = dividend % divisor;

    cout << "Quotient = " << quotient << endl;
    cout << "Remainder = " << remainder;

    return 0;


Enter dividend: 13
Enter divisor: 4
Quotient = 3
Remainder = 1

The division operator / is computes the quotient (either between the float or integer variables).

The modulus operator % computes the remainder when one integer is divided by another (modulus operator cannot be used for floating-type variables).

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